The following session will take place on June 27, 2023

Discussing the Causes and Aftereffects of 6 February 2023 Turkey Earthquake

Description and Purpose of the Session
Two large earthquakes (M7.8 and M7.5) occurred in Turkey on Feb 6th, 2023. This special session aims to provide an overview of field observations and research findings over a broad range of topics such as regional seismotectonic, earthquake hazard, geotechnical observations, performance of buildings, etc.

Schedule of Activities


Speakers in the Panel
1- Yavuz Kaya (Moderator)
2- Tyler Southam
3- Thava Thavaraj
4- Ozkan Kale
5- Abdullah Sandikkaya
6- Sinan Akkar
7- Emrah Yenier
8- Abdullah Altindal
9- Aysegul Askan
11- Jason Dowling
12- Yao
13- C.H.Shih
14- Helen Tischer
15- Masahiro KURATA
16- Murat Altug ERBERIK
17- Furkan GOKMEN
18- Mehmet First AYDIN